Jiuzhou Rose
Company Introduction

Jinan Jiuzhou Rose Product Co., Ltd was established in 2002, located in Pingyin—the county of the Chinese rose,it is the corporate champion which develop the Characteristics of agricultural products (Pingyin rose),and specially research, develop, produce and sell the rose bud, rose sauce, rose honey paste(syrup),rose paste (syrup),rose donkey-hide Gelatin paste(syrup) , rose (donkey-hide gelatin) Chinese date, rose wine , rose flowers nectar , rose (donkey-hide gelatin) maltose, honey, rose donkey-hide gelatin instant (cake), rose powder, rose Hydrosol, etc the series flower foods.

Since 2002, our company has been collaborating together with The Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing harmonious light organic agriculture science and Technology Development Center , The rose research institute of Pingyin Shandong and other more scientific research institutes. Adopt the unique traditional crafts and modern technology combined, introduce the advanced production process and equipment, and use the local rich rose resources to vigorously develop and produce green, safe , nutrition , healthy , environmental pure natural rose series products. We have 6 categories and more than 80 kinds of rose series products at present. With the continuous expansion of the company,  many new products are developed constantly. At the same time, we established the cooperative during we cooperating with markets + bases + farmers, and we provide the series of services regularly , and buy the flowers and buds from the farmers with the protective prices, greatly inspired farmers planting enthusiasm. It makes positive contributions for the development of local economy and the rose industry development and deep processing.

In order to promote the healthy development of Pingyin rose industry, the policy of Jinan Jiuzhou Rose products Co. Ltd is " sincerity with people, faith based, top sincerity and faith, to create business together", and in close cooperation with the relevant departments of the governments at various levels,  and with the distributors from different places, and propagate and spread the Pingyin rose industry and rose products through the variety of medias .We have represented Pingyin rose industry to attend variety shows which held by the relevant departments from all over the state.. With excellent quality and unique flavor, Pingyin rose has been included in "protected origin marking products catalog" by the National Bureau of Quality Inspection  , Jiuzhou brand rose sauce has been passed the audition by China Green Food Development Center and be identified as Green Food A-class products ,and obtained the green food certificate. Jiuzhou rose series products have been The People's Republic of China geographical indications products, and has won the “Chinese local products”, “Shandong famous brand agricultural products”, “Shandong famous snack”, “the cuisines of Shandong history and culture”, “Shandong top-ten famous brand of tourist commodities”“Jinan famous brand”, “Jinan famous snacks”, “Jinan ten major tourist commodity” and other honors. The trademark of Jiuzhou rose was named “Jinan famous trademark”.

The Introduction of the professional cooperatives of Pingyin Jiuzhou rose

Jiuzhou rose professional cooperatives Located at crossing south 1 kilometer from 220 State Road and 105 National Road, and the across the way of the local rose research laboratory. We are the leading agricultural enterprises in Jinan. Cooperatives mainly take the base + farmers mode scale planting, processing, sell double petals red rose, purple roses (The four seasons rose ) and the rose seedlings.