Comp. Rose Essential Oil




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G019 Comp. essential oil 1*10ml box    

Rose Essential Oil

Rose is more delicate plant, it’s growth is suitable for in the warm, moist, sunny area. May is the best time for rose. One harvest one year for rose, and the time of production is only about 40 days. About 40-50 rose to distill a drop of essential oil, so it is known as "liquid gold", it is very expensive, and it’s value is five to six times of the gold.

Rose essential oil is from pure natural rose, it can make the spirit to be the most comfortable state: anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, anti infection, anti inflammation, anti spasm, Promote cell the new supersedes the old and regeneration; Regulation of the endocrine organs, promote the secretion of hormones, aphrodisiac and tonic. It can let the human have the physiological and psychological activities to obtain good development; Rose essential oil is applicable to all kinds of skin, and moisturizing, nourishing, soothing properties, play tight, nourish the skin, delay aging.